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Evolving Cumulative Layout Shift in web tooling. Starting today, a change to CLS has been rolled out across a number of Chrome's web tooling surfaces including Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, and Chrome UX Report. Addy Osmani, Elizabeth Sweeny. Updated: Jul 18, 2022. Web Vitals Lighthouse Chrome UX Report.

Actived: Saturday Jan 28, 2023

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All of Learn Accessibility! is available - web.dev

Posted: (53 years ago) All modules in the Learn Accessibility course are now available. Written by Carie Fisher, these courses take you through the essentials for building accessible websites and web apps.. You can read them in whatever order you'd like. The final modules on testing walk you through a culmination of all of your knowledge:

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Patterns - web.dev

Posted: (53 years ago) Web Vitals patterns. A collection of common UX patterns optimized for Core Web Vitals. This collection includes patterns that are often tricky to implement without hurting your Core Web Vitals scores. You can use the code in these examples to help ensure your projects stay on the right track.

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Kayce Basques - web.dev

Posted: (53 years ago) Agrofy: A 70% improvement in LCP correlated to a 76% reduction in load abandonment. By using real user monitoring tools and focusing on improving Core Web Vitals in refactoring their app, they also improved CLS by 72%, as well as application responsiveness. Kayce Basques. Mar 1, 2021. Case Study Web Vitals.

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DevTools - web.dev

Posted: (53 years ago) web.dev LIVE wrap-up. A summary of the major news and updates that were announced during our 3-day online community event, and a reminder about upcoming regional events.

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Accessibility - web.dev

Posted: (53 years ago) Community highlight: Melanie Sumner. Melanie Sumner is a software engineer, specializing in digital accessibility. We talked about her path to engineering, accessible design, Ember.js, and the importance of funding these efforts.

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