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Posted: Saturday Jul 4, 2020

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The 7 Best Mental Health Apps of 2020 - Verywell Mind

Posted: (3 days ago) Available on GooglePlay, Moodfit is a free mental health app whose tools and insight are meant to “shape up” your mood. Similar to the way you might decide to get into physical shape, this app is meant to help you get into mental shape.

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The 7 Best Hypnosis Apps of 2020 - Verywell Mind

Posted: (2 days ago) Some apps allow users to set new goals, name, and save their sessions, or even add their own recorded mantras and background music. The best hypnosis apps allowed us to quickly and easily choose sessions for a targeted goal, whether it was to relax, fall asleep, or get more motivated.

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5 Anti-Anxiety Apps You Should Try - Verywell Mind

Posted: (3 days ago) The first set of apps targets anxiety symptoms by providing easy access to relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises. The second set of apps, which are reviewed in this post, are closely allied with popular empirically supported psychotherapies.

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Positive Thinking Apps - Verywell Mind

Posted: (3 days ago) Live Happy. This app is based on findings from the field of positive psychology.. The Live Happy app has been around for years and has several great features. There is a specific focus on activities that can bring about more positive feelings, like "savor," "strive," and "thank," for example.

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How to Use Online Dating Apps Safely - Verywell Mind

Posted: (8 days ago) Avoid Sites and Apps That Allow Messaging Prior to Matching . No one likes receiving unwanted photos or creepy messages, which certainly is a possibility within dating apps. As a result, it is best to select an app that requires both people to have an interest before messaging can take place.

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The 9 Best Online Therapy Programs of 2020

Posted: (2 days ago) Online therapy programs provide a variety of mental health services and access to therapists. We looked at companies including Talkspace, Regain, Betterhelp, 7 Cups of Tea and more to help you find the right options.

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The Stress of Constantly Checking Your Phone

Posted: (14 days ago) Delete Your Apps: If you delete social media apps on your phone, you'll be forced to only use them when you are at your computer or tablet. This makes it more challenging to maintain a mindless habit of checking your phone, but it doesn't cut you off entirely. The idea is to make yourself think about it more, and to make social media less ...

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