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TextMagic: Bulk SMS Marketing Service Provider Since 2001

TextMagic is a bulk SMS marketing service provider founded in 2001. Our tools are: Email to SMS, online SMS, Email to SMS Gateway & SMS API. FREE TRIAL!

Posted: Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

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Email to SMS Gateway: Easy-to-Use Email to SMS Service

Posted: (10 days ago) Email to SMS Gateway. Sending a text from an email address is simple, efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your email into a text message and deliver it, with all replies then arriving as emails.

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How to Maintain Your Smartphone - TextMagic

Posted: (11 days ago) App developers update apps regularly, to add new functionality, cut down on resource usage and guard against malware and security threats. Tip: Either set your apps to update automatically, or update them manually at least once a week. 7. Clear the Cache. When you install apps or when they run, they may leave junk files behind in the cache.

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Text Messaging Mobile App for iOS & Android - TextMagic

Posted: (11 days ago) Download Our Text Messaging Mobile App. We incorporated the best features of the TextMagic SMS software to create our new, robust mobile app. The new app allows you to send bulk SMS messages with a few simple taps, monitor delivery rates, import contacts instantly, personalize bulk SMS messages with custom fields, create templates, and much more.

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Text Messaging Software for Hospitals & Clinics - TextMagic

Posted: (11 days ago) The healthcare industry has been extremely slow to adopt SMS messaging, or any other useful technology for that matter.This hesitance is partly due to misconceptions about patient security, and partly due to an ill-founded resistance to change.

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Business SMS: Text Messaging Service Since 2001 | TextMagic

Posted: (11 days ago) Use Zapier to connect TextMagic with your favourite apps. It is an easy automation that helps your business. Single Sign-On for Enterprises. Login to TextMagic using your secure identity provider credentials and easily give access to your team members. Enterprise SMS Solutions.

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21 Inspiring Quotes About the Future of Mobile | TextMagic

Posted: (15 days ago) “At the birth of the web, companies aimed to get their website bookmarked. Marketers should be in a race to get their apps on the home screen of consumers’ smart devices.” 10. Simon Silvester, Executive Vice President Head of Planning at Y&R EMEA: “Most analogue marketing hits the wrong people, or the right people at the wrong time.

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