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Posted: Thursday Jan 14, 2021

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Community App Samples - Power Platform Community

Posted: (1 days ago) Power Apps Community; Get Help with Power Apps; Building Power Apps; Microsoft Dataverse; AI Builder; Power Apps Governance and Administering; Power Apps Pro Dev & ISV; Power Apps Portals; Power Platform Integration - Better Together! Power Platform Integrations; Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Integrations; Community Blog & News; News ...

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Kid Zone - Power Platform Community

Posted: (4 days ago) Power Apps 4 Kids Europe/US Session #10 with Michelle Wong and April Dunnam. rorybi ...

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Solved: Assign per app licences - Power Platform Community

Posted: (4 days ago) Hi, Anyone knows how to add the new "per app, per user" licences ? I've checked everywhere in the admin portals (both new and old) and on the official doc but couldn't find anything. Thanks !

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Power Apps getting location from latitude and long ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Power Apps getting location from latitude and longitude ‎11-11-2018 01:54 AM. Hello, I need to get location information according to latitude and longitude values. I tried Bing Map formula but it did not work. Could anybody help me? Thanks in advance. Labels: Labels: Using Formulas; Message 1 of 12 4,756 Views

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Solved: What is Live in properties - Power Platform Community

Posted: (5 days ago) Greetings, I just noticed a new property in the drop down menu - 'Live'. The options for Live are: Live.Off Live.Assertive Live.Polite I cannot find anything in the documentation regarding this option - can somebody explain? Thanks!

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How to officially convert a mobile app to Tablet - Power ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Check this solution out, it is what I used to achieve this . Alternatively, you could just go into the settings and just switch to landscape mode and design it for tablet use, but it may come out strangely. There is, unfortunately, no way to switch from phone layout to tablet layout from PowerApps after initially selecting the option when creating the app.

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Solved: exit() and return to custom destination - Power ...

Posted: (2 days ago) The user is returned to the list of apps, where they can select another app to open. Syntax. Exit() " And currently it only accepts one parameter, boolean value of logout. Exit(Logout) For example, Exit(true), which then would have the app automatically log out the current user and navigate to the login screen of PowerApps.

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Solved: decimal place - Power Platform Community

Posted: (3 days ago) Hope you can help me i got a sharepoint list with different (automatic calculated values) for example like in the picture Score Department or IT. No i got a form which only shows them but it must be like "1.0" not "1.00000000000000" in the sharepoint list its normal written like "1.0" please help me...

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Solved: Wrap Text Input - Power Platform Community

Posted: (1 days ago) Is there a way to wrap text in a Text Input control? I have a form which collects Comments from users. Users need to have the ability to enter multiple lines. With Text Input, I did not see the option to wrap text. Should I be using another control ? Thanks --nikil

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Solved: (=) suddenly Invalid argument - Power Platform ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Suddenly most of the galleries and text items where filter and count formulas are used stopped working. It shows nothing and a warning states "Invalid argument type" where the "=" syntax is used. I.e CountIf('Open Critical Incidents',Status="Active") and Filter(Messages,Visibility="Visible"). Source...

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