10 Apps And Online Tools For Small Businesses

Slack. Slack has made a name for itself in the internal communication world. Slack offers … Jabber. If you want a basic communication tool that gives you the power to instant message team … Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat gives businesses the ability to chat via free audio and video … Basecamp. One go-to project management app is Basecamp. It’s known for its ease-of-use and … Asana. A checklist-lover’s dream, Asana is a work app that helps you keep every project organized … QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks is one of the more well-known pieces of accounting software and … Xero. An alternative to QuickBooks, Xero offers numerous features but at a reduced price. Xero … Wave. For a budget-conscious business owner who needs accounting software, Wave can be an … Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage system for documents, music, photos, videos, … Dropbox. Like Google Drive, you can create, store, share, edit and comment on documents via … See full list on

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Must-Have NASCAR Apps to Add to Your List

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 06, 2016  · Free NASCAR apps. Whoever said the best things in life are free must have known about these apps. Here are the top four free NASCAR apps and what they can do for you. NASCAR Rules. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newbie to the sport, it can sometimes be tough to keep up with all the NASCAR rules. This app helps you do just that.

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The Top Budgeting Apps of 2018 - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Mint. The Mint app offers easy-to-read charts and graphs in bold print and bright colors that …PocketGuard. PocketGuard offers user-friendly features such as “In My Pocket,” which shows you …GoodBudget. The GoodBudget app takes the classic envelope budget system, wherein each …Wally. If you’re looking for a basic expense-tracking tool, try Wally. This app allows you to manually …Personal Capital. For budget-savvy consumers, there’s Personal Capital. Aside from budgeting …See full list on

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Log in to Your Business Account – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sites for business partners: Financial professional & investment firm Institutional investors Employer/plan sponsor Pension administrator Partners & developers. Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies.

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What is Malware and How Does it Work – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Given the prevalence of malware (especially among apps) in recent years, anti-malware software has become common, and most new computers and mobile devices are bundled with device security and/or anti-malware software at the time of purchase. As malware and viruses most commonly infect Windows PCs, you should be sure your Windows machine has ...

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Website Accessibility for Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 17, 2020  · Regarding Third Party Sites: Nationwide's website or mobile apps may contain links to third party websites. We cannot guarantee the accessibility of third-party websites and are not able to make accommodations on such websites. We encourage you to contact their customer service if any assistance is needed. Last Updated: 9/17/2020.

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Nationwide Mobile Insurance App – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Now you can use our app to pay a bill, contact an agent, or file a claim and collect insurance info after an accident. Download today for iPhone or Android.

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Smart Home Apps: Control, Comfort and Convenience

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Dec 19, 2019  · You can also use the apps to change settings and monitor or control the appliances in various ways. Software like Apple’s HomeKit provides these types of features, including monitoring for fans and humidifiers, and is compatible with products from over 50 brands.

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Control Your Lights & Blinds Through One Smart Home App

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 30, 2019  · Fortunately, there is even home automation technology that has your garden covered. Whether you are looking for complete Wi-Fi watering systems, moisture sensors, smart gardening apps and cloud platforms or gardening DIY and open source systems, plant watering sensor systems can help. 6. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

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Quintessential Apps for Every Type of Car Enthusiast

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Nov 11, 2014  · Quintessential Apps for Every Type of Car Enthusiast. Whether you enjoy watching auto races, fantasize about modifying your daily driver or simply want to get the latest from the auto world, we have you covered. Check out these apps, recommended by CNET and Automobile Magazine, to satisfy your inner gearhead.

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SmartRide – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) *SmartRide program criteria differ in California and North Carolina. Stated discounts are approximations. Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes.

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Nationwide Partnership Portal

Posted: (0 seconds ago) While this site describes Nationwide’s capabilities and examples of prior partnerships, all programs are subject to regulatory limitations and contractual language.

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Resources for Independent Insurance Agents - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Access tools designed to help independent agents succeed. Or, explore how partnering with Nationwide has never been easier for independent agents.

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Telematics from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) telematic apps had 47% fewer claims and 48% less-severe claims.¹ Vantage 360 Fleet uses a web portal, a telematics tag for fleet vehicles, and an app to provide real-time information to help small businesses positively impact driving behavior and safety as well as reduce claims.

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Nationwide Caters to Millennials and Others Seeking ...

  Columbus, OH

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Columbus, OH - More Americans are conducting e-commerce via mobile apps. That’s why Nationwide® today announced a partnership that will enable consumers to purchase renters insurance as they shop for an apartment or condo. Nationwide is the first national insurance provider to offer renters insurance via a real time mobile app. Nationwide...

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Pay Personal Insurance & Banking Bills Online – Nationwide

  Cincinnati, OH

Posted: (0 seconds ago) By mail Nationwide Insurance PO Box 742522 Cincinnati, OH 45274-2522. By phone or text Call 1-888-891-0267 or text PAY to 245569

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5 Mobile Parking Apps for Garage Rental & Finding Parking

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 05, 2014  · Innovative smart phone apps are helping to solve a major headache for drivers: Finding a parking spot that’s available and affordable. Conversely, owners of parking spaces are renting out their in-demand real estate when they don’t need it or when they want to make extra money.

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Retirement & Investing Resources - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Save up fast with an online money jar, many apps offer ways to save. Planned giving. What to know about gifting property within a family. Retirement advice from real retirees. Here are 10 important tips from current retirees that can help you plan for your own retirement.

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6 Great Travel Apps to use This Summer

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 24, 2018  · If you want a totally personalized driving experience, the Waze road travel app is one of the most versatile summer apps out there. Be prepared for what’s coming on the road, like potholes, heavy traffic, slow downs, accidents, poor weather conditions and more.

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How to Start Your Child’s College Fund - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) College is expensive, but these tips can help you start a college fund and discover the many ways for you to save and make the payment process easier.

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Tips on filing homeowners insurance claims - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the event. Insurers like Nationwide have 24/7 phone numbers and online apps, in addition to insurance agents, to help you file claims promptly. Have your insurance policy number on hand and, if possible, the name of your agent.

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6 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Dec 20, 2019  · Building websites and apps: If you’re computer savvy, use your skills to create websites and apps for companies. SEO services: For websites and blogs to draw viewers, they often need to use search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO improves the placement of a website in search engine rankings and can boost brand awareness.

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5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Choose an online meeting app. There are many online meeting apps. All of them operate fairly … Test your hardware and connection. Mechanical difficulties can be easily navigated during normal, … Follow meeting etiquette. In essence, there aren’t many differences between virtual meeting … Engage meeting participants. Interactive meeting ideas can be hard to come by in a virtual … Avoid remote meeting fatigue. No matter how they’re held, long meetings cause mental fatigue. It’s … See full list on

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Health and Mental Fitness Resources – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apps we like that help with anxiety and relaxation. Relax Melodies; PZIZZ; Shine; Resources and helplines from Mental Health America. Visit site. Free emotional support line. A public Emotional Support Help Line is available to support anyone, regardless of employment or health coverage, who may be experiencing anxiety or stress following the ...

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Smart Appliances To Consider - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Nov 10, 2015  · Robot vacuums, like 2002’s Roomba, were among the first smart appliances to gain wide acceptance. Now, simple apps allow cleaning cycles to be altered and specific areas to be cleaned. The new-gen Roomba floor cleaner – the $900 Roomba 980 – is wi-fi equipped, so you can operate it from wherever you are with its home app for iOS and Android.

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Nationwide launches SmartMiles to save drivers money

Posted: (0 seconds ago) For those who work from home, car pool frequently or use public transit more than they drive, Nationwide is launching SmartMilesSM, a new auto insurance solution for low-mileage drivers. SmartMiles allows Nationwide members to pay for the miles they drive, providing more control over the cost of their auto insurance. With consumer adaptation ...

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Mobile Security for Business – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Some apps only access data that they need to function while others may gain access to data unrelated to the app’s purpose. Use remote wipe software. These tools remotely delete all the information on a device so that no one can gain access to its information. Provide a secure application suite for employee use

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How to Save Money on Gas - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 25, 2019  · The apps may let you plug in your zip code, or it can automatically find your location using GPS tracking. These apps show gas stations nearby and their prices, as entered by other app users. Some will also show the average gas prices for the state or city. To find the best gas app, check your phone’s app store and look at reviews.

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Home Technology & Trends - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Six Weather and Travel Apps for the Perfect Summer June 24, 2018 From kicking back at the best BBQ joint in town to swimming at the beach with friends or road tripping … Continued. Drones and Commercial Designation May 29, 2018 Facebook is testing a drone to bring Internet, via lasers, to remote areas. Amazon is experimenting with package ...

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International Travel Tips: How to Stay Connected While Abroad

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apps for chatting. These apps can make international calling and messaging convenient and affordable: Google Voice is a telecom service that allows Gmail users to make international calls at low rates, as well as send free text messages, customize their voicemail, host conference calls and read voicemail text transcript. Calling rates vary by ...

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Teen Driver Technologies That Help Young Drivers Stay Safe

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mar 19, 2020  · Apps offer a wide array of other safety options, too. Download apps that send you reports on speed, driving habits, braking and other statistics. Some offer tracking to make sure your teen arrived at their destination safely. This device can transmit information and notifications to your smartphone.

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Agents Can Complete An Auto Quote On The Go In As Little ...

  Columbus, OH

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Columbus, OH – To address independent agents’ need for speed and ease of doing business, in 2019 Nationwide introduced Nationwide Express®, a technology platform that enables agents to quote multi-line policies in as little as two minutes. The tool enabled agents to tailor coverages, bind and process payment and trailing documents in a fraction ...

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Online Privacy Policy - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Dec 28, 2020  · Our websites or apps may use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, which are web analytics services provided by Google LLC. These services use cookies to analyze your use of our websites or apps. The information collected by these cookies about your use of our websites or apps is transmitted to and stored on Google servers.

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10 of the Best Freelance Jobs - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Dec 11, 2018  · Whether it’s games or mobile apps, the software development space continues to be rich with opportunity — and freelancers can make a successful living providing the kind of back-end development required to get these ideas off the ground. Other growing and high paying freelance jobs.

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How to Repair Your Car’s Weather Stripping

Posted: (0 seconds ago)

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How to prevent teen distracted driving – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) In fact, there are several apps for that. Tunes. Roads and music just go together. But trying to change songs or channels, or even reaching for a music-playing device can also take your mind off the road.

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Learn These Home Automation System Basics

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 04, 2018  · Learn about these 9 Wi-Fi home automation apps that turn your phone into a remote control for your home. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi home automation can increase the risk of tech-savvy thieves accessing your network. Using unsecured settings increases the risk with each smart device you add to your home. Always make sure you update your password ...

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Sixth Annual Advisor Authority Study Reveals COVID-19 Top ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) After topping the list for the past three years, tools for risk management (34%) dropped to the number-two spot, tied with mobile websites and/or apps (34%). Interactive website/client portal (31%) is also among this year’s top three. Distinct Generational Differences

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How to Make a Smart Kitchen - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 04, 2018  · Building a connected kitchen is getting easier, thanks to new appliances and the ability to connect these appliances to phone apps.With Wi-Fi, you can start cooking dinner while you’re still at the office or at soccer practice, or at least warm the oven on your way home.

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How Ridesharing is Changing the Future of Car Ownership

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jul 18, 2019  · Before there were apps to hail a car, there were posts on Facebook to catch a ride. Before that there were hand-written requests on bulletin boards at work or at the local coffeehouse from people looking for ways to reach their destinations.

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Building Social Media During Challenging Times - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Just as you might be setting up separate channels in Slack to better communicate with co-workers during this period or hosting chats among different groups of friends on apps such as Houseparty, now’s a great time to foster community among your audience with more specialized channels.

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Seven Driving Safety Tips for Teens - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 03, 2019  · Putting a teenager behind the wheel can be nerve-racking for parents – and justifiably so. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that teens crash three times as often as drivers aged 20 and older. But there are things you can do to help keep them safe.

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Three Easy Ways to File Taxes - Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) There are many benefits to electronic filing. E-filing can get you a faster refund, and e-filing apps can help ensure accuracy by automatically checking for errors or missing information. 2. Tax preparers: going pro. With a complex federal tax code more than 74,000 pages long, it’s no wonder over half of U.S. taxpayers hire a professional to ...

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How to Use Social Media for Small Business Marketing

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jun 01, 2019  · Social media websites and apps have increased dramatically in the last 15 years and now represent a large portion of the activity on the Internet. Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users, while YouTube has almost two billion users.

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Budget friendly travel tips when managing debt – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Check travel apps for last-minute deals. Even last-minute travelers can find deals if they know where to look. There are a variety of apps dedicated to finding last-minute deals. Hotel Tonight offers deals on unsold hotel rooms for a fraction of their usual costs in cities …

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Hands Off, Hands On Investment Management – Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Use Nationwide’s Hands Off, Hands On tool to learn about the different investment management options our retirement plans let you offer your employees.

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How Charitable Donations Can Benefit a Small Business

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Sep 11, 2017  · Research shows small business charitable contributions can help companies connect with their customers and their community. According to a 2010 study by Cone Communications, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a company when it supports a cause they care about; 90% of consumers want companies to tell them how they’re supporting charitable causes.

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Moving Checklist: Tips to Prepare You for Moving Day

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Oct 19, 2019  · The prospect of a new home is exciting. Packing up and moving your stuff – not so much. We asked Sarah Roussos-Karakaian, whose New York company We OrgaNYze specializes in packing and unpacking for residential moves, to help us design the perfect stress-free move.

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First Time Home Buying Tips - Now from Nationwide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Few experiences are more exciting or rewarding than purchasing a new home for the first time. However, the process can be more complex than it may seem. Working with a skilled agent can make things go more smoothly, but it’s important to remain actively involved at all phases.

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