Features Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Self-monitoring Trackers Summary. Blood-sugar and weight tracker. The user can add and edit blood-sugar readings, including weight and test date.

Posted: Thursday Jul 2, 2020

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KidneyDiet - My health apps

Posted: (5 days ago) Listed as one of the 10 best health apps by Yahoo. With kidney disease as its primary focus, this app could be very useful for people in early-stage kidney failure. It can help educate on the good food, the bad food, and the ugly food that tempts us all day, every day. Though it is unlikely to be used every day, setting up a typical meal week ...

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mySinusitisCoach - My health apps

Posted: (4 days ago) Reviews Reviewer: Sven Seys, EUFOREA (European forum for research and education in allergy and airway diseases) Review: “The app has been created by a multi-stakeholder approach. This means that from the design to the development, and also the dissemination, we have involved patients, medical experts, primary care physicians, pharmacists and also people from the ehealth community to ...

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iTriage - My health apps

Posted: (5 days ago) Reviews Reviewer: Patient group specialising in helping patients navigate national healthcare policy, USA Review: “This is a decent personal health record that offers other services, such as evaluating symptoms, finding doctors and facilities, and connecting to hotlines. This app is extensive, and offers an easy way to keep your health information with you wherever you go.

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Posted: (2 days ago) Apps like ‘Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame’ can model more productive ways to deal with emotions. The app shows kids a familiar face from Sesame St having trouble with something such as tying their shoes or going to bed. The app helps kids realise that everyone has moments like this in their lives.

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About - My health apps

Posted: (5 days ago) classify apps to make it easier for users to find ones relevant to them. (For more about our methodology and how we classify apps, click here. The result is the best healthcare apps, recommended by empowered consumers, patients and carers.

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Know Your Heart Rhythm - My health apps

Posted: (7 days ago) Nor can we guarantee that the information we provide on the website will always be up to date or accurate. PatientView is providing details of apps recommended by patient groups, an act which does not imply PatientView’s endorsement of any app. PatientView is not responsible for third-party content. Read more for copyright considerations

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Lift Pulse - My health apps

Posted: (16 days ago) Reviews Reviewer: ‘Tremor Talk’, International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) blog, USA Review: “ ‘Lift Pulse’ 2.0, a smart phone app created by Lift Labs, has released the results of data gathered from users since updating the app in June 2013. Lift Pulse 2.0 includes a journal feature that measures and records tremors. It also records what medications you’re taking for tremor ...

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