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This one landed into Microsoft Intune in June 2020 but I've found many customer aren't aware of it, so I'm writing this up for reference. That's a shame too because many customers have asked for this over the past few years. What I'm talking about is the capability to still have you IT admins manage…

Posted: Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

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Posted: (20 days ago) Tag Archives: apps. Speaking: Microsoft Cloud User Group–Manchester. I’m happy to confirm that I will speaking at the Microsoft Cloud User Group (MSCUG) in my local city of Manchester on Tuesday November 6th. This is an evening meetup organised by Martin Boam from MSCUG and will be located at the home of Microsoft in Manchester – Neo.

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Posted: (3 days ago) Top tip time If you’re searching for groups in Intune/Azure AD/M365 Device Management portal. It’s not a very effective search. Example, searching MDM finds these: Searching “Android” finds nothing despite it clearly being there.

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Creation of Intune iOS application | More than patches

Posted: (1 months ago) Browse to the Mobiles Apps blade. From here, select the Apps blade and then select +Add. In the Add App blade, drop down the box and select the application type you wish to create. In this example we are using an iOS application as a store app. Choose the application from the store selecting “Select App”

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Renewing Azure AD Application Secret in Configuration ...

Posted: (6 days ago) Whilst working in my lab recently I realised the secret key for one of my Azure App registrations was expired. Incidentally I noticed this first in the Azure portal but then I don’t work in my lab all the time and it does show the expiry there too. Now, I have the option to renew…

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February | 2020 | More than patches

Posted: (6 days ago) This is a few weeks old now but I thought I would run through the process as someone somewhere will find use of the write up. I’m using Microsoft Intune here, it also comes under the Microsoft Endpoint Manager branding but just be clear I’m using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager Admin Center ( and my…

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Posted: (1 months ago) Here’s a feature that I feel has fallen slightly under the radar hence I thought I would write about it. The ability to send custom notifications to mobile devices is really cool and has a lot of use cases as I’m sure you can image.

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iOS | More than patches

Posted: (6 days ago) Posts about iOS written by Peter Egerton. I was checking back through some notes and guides I’d made recently so wanted to add them into my blog posts for reference.

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