Paul Offit's Biggest Concern About COVID Vaccines

Eric Topol talks with Paul Offit about the timing of phase 3 vaccine trials, the need for public trust, and what might not be known when a vaccine rollout begins.

Posted: Sunday Sep 13, 2020

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Must-Have Eye Apps - Medscape

Posted: (15 days ago) Healthcare Apps for Optometry. Optometrists have many choices of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. Apps provide fast access to information to aid in the diagnosis and management of eye ...

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Medscape App

Posted: (11 days ago) I use the app all the time. Not only is it a good reference for drug information but it is also a great resource for current news and updates in the medical field.

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15 More Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Practice

Posted: (11 days ago) The featured apps – some of which are free – are all supported by the iOS operating system (iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad™), but the Android operating system supports many of the same, or ...

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Cardiac Rehab: There's an App for That

Posted: (11 days ago) Editor's Note: In the video below, Dr Widmer provides an overview of the investigational app developed by the Mayo Clinic. Rehab via Smartphone. Bernard J Gersh, MB, ChB, DPhil: Hello.I am Bernard ...

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Top 15 Mobile Applications for Dental & Oral Health

Posted: (10 days ago) These apps also allow PDF files (such as patient history forms or even tooth charting) to be uploaded and annotated for patients or providers to record standardized documentation.

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12 Cool Healthcare Apps for Your Apple Watch

Posted: (11 days ago) Of the three apps I looked at, Lose It! seems like the easiest to set up on the iPhone to start tracking meals on the Apple Watch. Enter the contents of the meal or just the calories (in total or ...

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Report Lists Best Healthcare Apps for Consumers

Posted: (14 days ago) A new report culls through more than 40,000 mobile apps related to healthcare and identifies several dozen top programs for consumers that help them manage diabetes, monitor skin moles, and remind ...

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The Big Problem With Mobile Health Apps - Medscape

Posted: (13 days ago) Medical apps about which false claims are made may be useless at best and harmful at worst. For many years, app developers and clinicians anticipated that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA ...

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COVID-19 Infographics - Medscape

Posted: (10 days ago) On March 11, the WHO formally declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, the first such announcement for a coronavirus.One of the major concerns is the high mortality rate seen in certain individuals

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Drug Interactions Checker - Medscape Drug Reference Database

Posted: (10 days ago) Drug Interaction Checker. Use the search field above to look up prescription or OTC drugs, and herbal supplements; Add a full drug regimen and view interactions

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