Nov. 2020, Volume 69, Issue Number 9 | MDedge

The Journal of Family Practice - 69(9)

Posted: Sunday Dec 13, 2020

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Mental health apps: What to tell patients | MDedge Psychiatry

Posted: (1 months ago) However, early studies have demonstrated efficacy of some apps for several conditions, including schizophrenia, 8 depression, 9 anxiety disorders, 10 and suicidal ideation. 11 Although many of the apps evaluated in these studies are not available to the public, or still require large-scale assessment before they are ready for mainstream ...

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The Top 10 mobile apps for hospitalists | Federal Practitioner

Posted: (1 months ago) Here are the Top 10 medical decision support apps for hospitalists, as assessed by Dr. Benson and Dr. Pittman: 1. MDCalc – Free online. $10 app Helps doctors calculate adverse event risks, such as stroke, bleeding, or clots.

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Health Apps Every Primary Care Provider Should Know About ...

Posted: (8 months ago) If you question or lament this continual digital creep—or think it has no bearing on your patient population—you may be surprised to know that 77% of Americans have a smartphone with texting and/or mobile application abilities, creating innovative opportunities for health care providers to incorporate health apps into patient care. 1 And ...

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Technology, counseling, and CBT apps for primary care ...

Posted: (8 months ago) Many of the apps listed may be used for both anxiety and depression, as well as in areas related to problem solving, self-esteem, anger management, creating lifestyle changes, and coping with uncertainty. Dr. Neil Skolnik and Aaron Sutton. MoodKit.

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How apps are changing family medicine - MDedge

Posted: (1 months ago) The apps will be beneficial, he added, as long as they “are used in a way that contributes, to, rather than detracts from, collaboration between patients and physicians.” For now, Dr. Stream and many of his fellow FPs use mobile devices and medical apps primarily to access reference materials, both in and out of the exam room.

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