Why Do All Route Planner Apps Suck So Much? | Indian

Apr 17, 2017  · I have tried dozens of these apps, and Scenic is my 'go to'. Like anything, it gets easier to use with practice. I plan and navigate group motorcycle trips almost every weekend. The trips range from 80 to 300 mile day trips to 3000 mile weeklong trips. So far, Scenic has worked flawlessly for me.

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Ride Command Mobile and online apps updated | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 18, 2017  · 1,846 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 4 mo ago. Apparently the Ride Command mobile app and web app were recently updated. with regard to the mobile app, the status data has increased although it was reading 2000psi in the front tire. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and it changed again to no status regarding voltage, gas, oil, etc.

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Is anyone using the RIDERX app? | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) May 01, 2015  · Too frustrating, I have a Garmin 550 and it has great functioning I am dropping the riderx. The app need to show dealers from a zoomed out magnification since there are so few dealers. It keeps saying soom in, zoom in, well if you knw where a dealer is you don't need riderx!

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Which Ride Command App is correct/ current for (Android OS ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 10, 2019  · I have that already. I am referring to the phone APP. Within my legacy Android APP Indian Motorcycle Ride Command - Apps on Google Play I get two profiles for one motorcycle. One associates to the Indian Ride Command and the other shows associated to Polaris Ride Command - Apps on Google Play BTW I'm not very fond of the Indian ride app. Very flakey and buggey.

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Mobile App? | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 19, 2016  · I don't use apps on my phone. I would like a riding app for great rides and places to snack along the route. A Closer Look at the 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016 Dark Horse in Pearl White. Accessories added Rinehart black 4" Slip ons with American Custom cat delete Captain Itch Cooler

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Ride Command Mobile and online apps updated | Page 3 ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 24, 2018  · monkey28. 1. Delete the bike in the ride command profile (record all your service logs if you did that in the past, it will delete all service logs) 2. In the App, manually add your bike VIN to it (do not turn on the bike and let it detect there is VIN, it does not add the bike to RC profile properly this way). 3.

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iPhone Apps | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 15, 2015  · iPhone Apps. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of JULY's Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. phoenixfire1965 · Registered. Joined Oct 2, 2014 · 74 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 15, 2015. Anyone got any suggestions for great iPhone apps to …

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Ride Command Mobile and online apps updated | Page 5 ...

Posted: (52 years ago) May 17, 2021  · A forum community dedicated to Indian Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and …

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Free Indian android app for looking up codes | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 13, 2015  · Indian Diagnostics - Android Apps on Google Play. Click to expand... This is the way to go it works well the down load was easy to complete thanks mate well done . Save Share. Reply.

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Trouble Codes App? | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 03, 2016  · 5,854 Posts. #9 • Feb 1, 2016. You didn't state what phone type. I have an Android. I think the App was pulled from public posting, BUT, here is the link I saved: Indian Motorcycle Diagnostics on Google Play. Here is a PDF file of codes for 2014 bikes. Pulled off Indian Motorcycle Community Forum.

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CarPlay | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) May 08, 2020  · Apple CarPlay gives you so many more options with maps,audio books, music apps of your choice not to mention satellite radio. I use it on every thing I drive and my bike. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . Reactions: HyeHog and MilwDave. Save Share. Reply. 1 - …

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Ride Command Mobile and online apps updated | Page 2 ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 24, 2018  · 486 Posts. #24 · 3 mo ago. Well I launched my ride command app this morning and it appears to be fixed, go figure. I'll check out the desktop after work. Interestingly the miles are correct (the bike is turned off) so they must have been collecting this data but not displaying it.

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What's New | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) 163 164 165. 3K. 243K. a moment ago. by ferraiolo1. The state of Indian as a company. Grayghost. 1 h ago. Indian Motorcycle General Discussion.

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Ride Planning App | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) May 25, 2020  · So when I got the FTR, dealer told me that even though there is no navigation on the bike, I could still use the Ride Command app and plan all my routes and just use the app. Well after spending a good majority the other day planning multiple different rides, I go to ride today and it …

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Ride Command Mobile and online apps updated | Page 4 ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 16, 2020  · Indian contacted me today via phone and told me that they are aware of the Ride Command App/Website issues and are working on a fix. When they updated the App a few weeks ago they encountered an unforeseen issue. They hope to have a new App in 2-3 weeks but said it could be longer if they run in to more issues. D.

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HD bikes to get Android Auto and Car Play | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 13, 2020  · "With Android Auto, Harley-Davidson riders will be able to access favorite smartphone apps through the Boom! Box GTS and a wired connection to a compatible Android smartphone, making it easier to use favorite media, communication and navigation apps – including Google Maps™ – on the road while minimizing distractions."

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Downloaded the New Indian Ride Command App | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 03, 2018  · sjscabral666. Not sure how many have seen but they finally updated the Indian Ride Command App for Android and iOS. There's also a new update for the Ride Command system for October 2018 to link now the app and ride command via Bluetooth for maintenance information, tire pressure and battery voltage right on your phone.

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Mobile Tracking Apps on Smartphones | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 27, 2017  · What I'd love to see is Ride Command have a real ride tracking feature... which would eliminate the need for an app like this. Until then, I need a better Plan B. I've been trying to use some things that only use a connection to my tablet's GPS for tracking my routes... but when I don't have a...

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Just published a "Locate Indian MC Dealers" mobile app for ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Apr 02, 2016  · Here is the link - Locate Indian MC Dealers - Android Apps on Google Play As part of the updating process, I generated two files, both zipped csv (comma separated values) files. Each contains the full list of 307 Indian dealers. One is in POI (Points of Interest) format with just lat/lon, Dealer Name, formatted address.

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What does a good tune look like in logs? | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 10, 2020  · I understand how to capture, transfer, and open logs in the above apps, but when I look at "Short Term Fuel Trim"s and "Requested AFR" vs Load I don't know what is good or bad. Ideally I'd like to see or read a tutorial, as I am a kinetic learner, and "by example" penetrates my …

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How can I get apps like Pandora to play from my android ...

Posted: (52 years ago) May 14, 2018  · 2018 Chieftain Elite and Samsung Note 10, plays great via Bluetooth, but can't find apps when connected with USB. I need to use my Bluetooth for another function and want to listen to music apps via the USB.

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Do our new Indian's ECU have OBD capabilities? | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 15, 2017  · With apps like Dash and Torque and an OBD adapter in my car, I can get lots of cool stats and stuff from my cars. Since our Indians have an ECU, does anyone know if it has an OBD port on it that I can stick my OBD adapter on and use Dash or Torque or whatever?

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Check Engine light came on - how do I get the code ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 23, 2016  · My Check Engine light just came on. 2014 Chief. I want to know if this is a "you need to change your oil" type code that I can continue riding with until I get around to getting to the dealer (closest one is 2 1/2 hours away), or if this is a "your engine is falling apart" type code that I need to stop riding.

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Harley VS Indian 5,000 mile Comparison - RIDER COMFORT ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 22, 2019  · I rented a Dodge truck that worked really well with both a Samsung and and iPhone connected at the same time and switching between apps. I was very impressed. Not sure Harley or Indian will ever get to that point. Indian will be getting their sooner rather than …

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REVER App | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 12, 2020  · Joined Apr 26, 2018. ·. 1,918 Posts. #2 · 12 mo ago. I use Rever and Indian's Ride Command. Just not always together. Because they are apps and are under nearly continuous modification, somethings they can be frustrating -- things get changed. A few months ago, I could export a ride from Rever straight to my bike.

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Indian Diagnostics - Error code evaluator and Dealer ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 01, 2021  · AKAIK, iOS apps, much like Android apps, have to be signed with a key, which is provided when you have an IOS developer account. Without a developer account, the app will not be properly signed and not allowed to run. I may be wrong about this...

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Weather app? | Page 2 | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 03, 2019  · I personally don't use weather apps as they require location services which drains your battery. If I need to know the weather, I just ask google, "what's the weather in xxxxx" or just use weather sites . Save Share. Reply. G.

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Ride command connection | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 11, 2019  · They all depend on Bosch for the ECU. I'm hoping the new firmware will fix a few things: 1. The app connecting to an established Bluetooth connection (Pairing, Music, and Telephone functions work fine) 2. Cold engine stalling (Runs fine once it stabilizes …

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Indian Diagnostic Codes Cheiftian | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 01, 2019  · Ended up being the recall I-18-2. Reflashed the computer which puts all the apps to sleep when bike is off. No problems since. After arriving home, I intentionally did not connect the battery tender, and a week later it started right up. Hope this helps!

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Iphone music apps via USB? | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 01, 2016  · Joined Oct 1, 2016. ·. 282 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 1 mo ago (Edited) When streaming music I use Pandora (free version) and Amazon Music. When I connect my iphone 12 Pro Max to the Ride Command with dash USB connector, none of the music info is available on the ride command music screen. However owners manual clearly states playback ...

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Android App to lookout Indian Error Codes | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Sep 25, 2016  · Well, I decided to pick up a new hobby and try to learn how to do a little coding in my spare time. My first app developed is a little app that will allow...

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Thoughts on 16" Ape Hanger for the Springfield | Indian ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 27, 2017  · 2,024 Posts. #6 · May 22, 2017. I had 16" Apes on my Vintage. Love the look, but decided to keep the stock bars on my Springfield. I'm 6''1 the Apes were great on short rides but long distance my hands would get numb and would get back pain. IMO the Springfild stock bars are one of the most comfortable out there.

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Apple CarPlay with 2021 Ride Command | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 01, 2016  · Purchased a 2021 Roadmaster Limited. When I connect my iPhone 12 ProMax with lightning/USB cable I get this screen: Is there no way to control my music apps with the handlebar controls other than volume and pause/play? Seems I still …

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Looking for a devise to play music on my Ride Command ...

Posted: (52 years ago) May 12, 2020  · But, most apps will work using the RC touch screen. AND, I have about 1200 tunes loaded on a USB stick, along with a library of GPX routes, that just stays on the bike. -----WR Texas is a wonderful country. Especially riding my RoadMaster and watching my wife on her Chieftain. Reactions: HyeHog. Save Share.

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Boss Audio System | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 23, 2019  · Also, i never use the headphone connector, just the bluetooth, so i buried the wire in the headlight bucket, and have since bought a handlebar mount for my phone since most of the iphone apps pause when you turn the bike off and need to be restarted after the bike is started. So the windshield bag didn't work out too well.

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Google Maps: Indian dealership layer | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 24, 2016  · Also, if you have an Android based smartphone, you can add my Locate Indian MC Dealers app to you toolbox (free, no ads). It's a tad out of date (as of 11/15), but I'll be updating it soon - Locate Indian MC Dealers - Android Apps on Google Play

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GPS | Page 3 | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 11, 2018  · The issue is that a lot of map apps rely on a cellular signal to load the actual map. For example, if you're out in the middle of no where, your phone knows you're at 31.384756°N 80.3836463°W and 1146 ft of elevation. Without the cellular signal, the map app simply has no idea how to display your location since the actual map isn't stored on ...

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What Electronics are you Packing? | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Feb 19, 2016  · Locate Indian MC Dealers - Android Apps on Google Play I'm the app developer (aka Rings Island Software) and just updated it yesterday with the current count of 300 Indian Dealers Worldwide, 155 in the US. It's a quick way to find the closest Indian Dealer with buttons to invoke Google Maps navigation, Phone, Web page.

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Playing music from your smartphone | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Aug 18, 2017  · So it just finally dawned on me that the smartphone media apps have volume controls as well . Once I cranked it up, boom, much louder. Also, for those who have the stock speakers on the RM, if you are hearing distortion (sounds like someone beating on a broken drum), if you lower the bass on either the bike or smartphone you will eliminate the ...

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STARTUP CHECK CODE | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Dec 17, 2019  · SPN 520262. FM 1. Anyone have a clue? Bike is running OK, just wondering what the code means. I have the Service manual in PDF format but it doesn't contain any check codes or a diagnostic section. Thanks for any input and maybe where I might be able to get a hold of a list of the check codes and their meanings.

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Antenna relocation | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 23, 2016  · I bought a 6 inch shorty off Ebay and its terrible. I live just outside of a major city (and by just outside I mean like 8 miles) so reception should be great for most stations. I ended up leaving it on because I never listen to the radio, I use the USB or stream from apps on my phone. So whatever you do don't get the really short one.

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Music devices | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) May 08, 2017  · I run a handlebar mount and this allows access to the phone and other apps like Google maps. This is the setup that works really well for me. Good luck with your search and have fun in Sturgis. Phil . 2019 Chieftain Limited Thunder Black Pearl Stage 2. Reactions: Ledzepdad. Save Share.

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Indian Scout, Bobber, Sixty OBD2 & Diagnostics setup ...

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 26, 2021  · Here’s how I make an adapter for the diagnostic plug so you can run OBD2 over Bluetooth. This allow the use of apps like Torque for Android devices. Please note that I am in no way a professional in making plugs, electronics, or motorcycles. Use this …

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Ride Command Hardware | Page 5 | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Jun 09, 2020  · So I've spent the last week or so prototyping some map apps and offline support. I've come to the conclusion that offline maps is a enormous task and I just don't have the time and resources to make it a worthwhile venture. That said, I still plan on releasing an online version, I'll be looking into adding an easy way to connect to your phone ...

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Ride command connection | Page 3 | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Mar 21, 2020  · Hi all, got the sync to work on Android by doing following 1. Hold down app icon until you get option to go into app settings, then scroll down to permissions and make sure all permissions approved 2. Turn off wifi 3. Do not connect the phone to USB cable if you are already connected by...

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iOS 12 & Ride Command Issues | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Oct 05, 2018  · Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of JUNE's Ride of the Month Challenge!

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Challenger Antenna | Indian Motorcycle Forum

Posted: (52 years ago) Jan 15, 2020  · I paired my iPhone to the Challenger radio, using the bluetooth feature so I can listen to my favorite Sirrus satellite stations and other apps without any issue at all. Ever since I bought Sirrus radio for my home, auto and iPhone I really don't listen to …

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