168 Crabapple Dr., Longs, SC 29568 MLS #2200803

Listing info for 168 Crabapple Dr. Longs SC, 29568 MLS# 2200803. Property listing details, photos, video for 168 Crabapple Dr. Longs, SC, 29568 MLS# 2200803 for agent contact. If you want to view this property for sale or have question contact us at 843.478.8061.

Actived: Wednesday Jan 19, 2022


"NoMo" Charleston SC Living - Housing - News | James Schiller

Posted: (52 years ago) Nov 12, 2019  · “NoMO” as it is affectionately known is an up and coming area of downtown Charleston SC which stands for North of Morrison. Once considered a “dangerous” low-income area, now has seen a boom in the last 10 years with new development and investment in …

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