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After some positive user feedback from the launch of our new Server 2016-powered RDS setup I started wondering if it could have a wider use that just the remote access concept we initially wanted to address. One thought in mind was making use of old \ low-spec devices that would be a bit too clunky for running a modern OS but where the physical hardware itself was in good condition.

Posted: Wednesday Nov 25, 2020

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Google Apps | gshaw0

Posted: (13 days ago) If you receive your Chromebooks before having completed your Google Apps registration it can be tempting to sign into the Chromebook with a consumer Google Account to try them out. This works OK until you then try to enrol the Chromebook as a managed device, at which point it promptly fails as per Google’s documentation below.

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Posted: (1 months ago) The built-in functionality only provides configuration of the default Apple apps, which definitely aren’t the ones we’re concerned about presenting to the user (think Adobe CC, Microsoft Office etc. instead) We found two third-party tools that work better than the Jamf functionality, try both and see which one works for you: ...

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Build your own Thin-ish client with Windows 10 LTSB | gshaw0

Posted: (2 days ago) Boot and logon speeds are very quick given the lack of any Modern Apps which usually need to be provisioned at each new login. The performance gain explains why quite a few people within education have used LTSB for their desktop builds against MS’ wishes; however they’ll miss out on new features such as the much-needed OneDrive Files on ...

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Windows Phone | gshaw0

Posted: (7 months ago) As with many other organisations moving to Office 365 or Google Apps time is running out for our Blackberries. The handsets are nearing the end their contracts and although there is a way to connect Blackberries to 365 (via a RIM Cloud service) it seems a bit counter-productive to try and shoehorn what’s now looking like a legacy product into our future plans.

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ios | gshaw0

Posted: (6 months ago) Posts about ios written by gshaw0. Some time back (over 2 years in fact, wow time flies) I wrote a post on how to upload a more mobile-friendly Captive Portal page to your Aruba controller for mobile devices connecting to your Wi-Fi.

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Posted: (6 months ago) It could also be a way to publish internal apps onto a private Store without having to mess about with sideloading. Other options for the Store could be site-licensed apps, available to all users at the organisation or perhaps filtering the Store e.g. make all free apps available but purchases need to be approved via a specified Office 365 user.

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Office 365 on mobile devices… consistently inconsistent ...

Posted: (2 months ago) Using the web apps themselves was reasonably pain-free although it feels like the browser (address bar, navigation buttons, tabs etc) is getting in the way. I’d prefer to launch the Office 365 web interface via a dedicated app with its own optimised rendering engine so the interface runs full-screen with nothing distracting from the important ...

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Design ideas for Windows 8… time to Run! | gshaw0

Posted: (2 months ago) My idea was to use elements from the existing Apps search panel (that currently only shows its results in full screen view) and combine in with some parts of the settings dialog (Winkey+I) to save some space. The result is below (click to enlarge)… Idea being the results would obviously work with touch or scroll with the mouse.

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Tip of the day – Windows Update fixes for 7 and 8.1 | gshaw0

Posted: (3 days ago) “you can get it if you really want but you must try, try and try, try and try… you’ll succeed at last” Basically just keep clicking the retry button until WSUS gets through enough trips to serve you all the updates Windows needs.

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What does 2011 have in store? | gshaw0

Posted: (6 months ago) If there’s no Moodle 2.0 support promised then I guess it’ll be bye bye to [email protected] and hello Google Apps… That’s quite a list just on the e-Learning side of things, on the tech side it’s just as busy…

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