60 Snacks For Diabetes: The Ultimate Snack Guide

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring! These foods, recipes, and ready-to-eat snacks will help you keep your blood sugar in check. So check out our 60+ list that includes high-fiber and

Posted: Saturday Jul 4, 2020

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Teletherapy: Benefits, Apps, and Services

Posted: (28 days ago) Teletherapy offers digital access to therapy and counseling by phone, video chat, text message, or online chat rooms. Here’s how teletherapy could be the next step for your mental health.

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13 Best Pregnancy Apps of 2020 - Greatist

Posted: (3 days ago) Thankfully, apps abound for just about every pregnancy-related need you might have. From getting pregnant in the first place, to finding unique ways to bond with your baby, to the best tool for ...

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The 25 Top iPhone and Android Apps for ADHD

Posted: (7 days ago) Apps have made everything easier, from surveilling your cat all day to helping folks with ADHD establish routines, work more efficiently, sleep better, and even manage money.

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How Fitness Turned Us All into Gamers - Greatist

Posted: (15 days ago) A 2017 report found that there were 318,000 health and fitness apps available for download. How many of them are game-based is unknown, and the jury is still out on how effective these apps will ...

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How We Secretly Self-Sabotage When Swiping Right

Posted: (19 days ago) That said, as Dr. Carbino alludes, this logical disconnect and disillusion is the same one many other frustrated dating app users feel, because unlike many other types of apps, these ones shouldn ...

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Reasons Your Tinder Match Didn't Message You - Greatist

Posted: (3 days ago) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1222447110 The popularity of dating apps brings a whole bevy of mixed emotions: the rush from a match, the confusion from the silence, and the inevitable self-blame that follows.

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Threesomes: How to Keep It Safe and Healthy for All

Posted: (5 days ago) Apps like 3nder specialize in threesome connections. And some regular dating sites have options for polyamorous couples looking for ways to recruit another partner. Whether you’re seeking ...

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Why Do We Like the Smell of Gasoline? - Greatist

Posted: (6 days ago) Meditation apps, smart mattresses, sleep trackers, and more: We put together a list of research-backed sleep products to help you get the Zzz’s you… READ MORE About

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How to Make Someone Feel Better Using 3 Words

Posted: (12 days ago) If you see someone hurting, it can be easy to not do or say anything. But there are three little words you can use to connect with just about anyone—and connection is ultimately what makes us ...

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11 Store-Bought Party Foods and Apps to Keep You Sane This ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Party apps in my childhood house always involved sweet and sour meatballs, so I had to include my favorites on this list. For days I don’t have time to roll and bake them myself, I love these ...

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