How A Montessori Classroom, Online Learning, And Family

By: Lisa Evans. Learning on a laptop may seem incompatible with a hands-on education, but with buy-in from parents and teachers, it can be a powerful family engagement tool.

Posted: Tuesday Jun 30, 2020

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Differentiating Family Engagement | Getting Smart

Posted: (3 days ago) Survey families about their preferred modes (paper copies, class website, phone calls, or communication apps such as Remind, Bloomz, or TalkingPoints –which allows for access in home languages) and times for communication (and if parents don’t reply to paper or online surveys, perhaps integrate this into the beginning-of-the-year phone calls).

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The Future of Work: How Do We Prepare Our Students ...

Posted: (2 days ago) Even in a world where there are countless apps available, many of which complete complex tasks, we still need humans to keep our technology relevant and competitive. 4) Place-based learning . According to a recent Getting Smart post , place-based learning is “anytime, anywhere learning that leverages the power of place, and not just the power ...

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5 Free Multiplication Apps to Try On-the-Go | Getting Smart

Posted: (2 days ago) Many math apps are part of a larger “family” of apps, so if you like the multiplication version of these apps, chances are you’d like the addition, subtraction, division or other versions. After doing a few quick searches on best math apps and here are the 5 Luke and I tried (most have free versions and upgrades – all of these have at ...

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7 Apps for Special Needs Students | Getting Smart

Posted: (2 days ago) Apps can help you customize your curriculum to the needs of your students without making the process time-consuming and overwhelming. Here, I highlight 7 apps that can help with personalizing learning for special needs students. 1) ...

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6 Phases of Professional, Place-Based Learning | Getting Smart

Posted: (3 days ago) By Nate McClennen. Let’s take a giant step back and accept that place-based education is not new.In the midst of project-based, problem-based, deeper learning, experiential learning, and all of the other acronym-ready methods that challenge teachers and students to think about approaches different from the industrial model, place-based education lives in the background, patiently waiting to ...

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9 Awesome Apps for Math Practice | Getting Smart

Posted: (2 days ago) Mobile apps are becoming increasingly helpful tools for students and teachers, providing educational value to students of all grades and ages. One of the subject areas that has benefitted most from this proliferation is math. But how can you pick one from the seemingly endless sea of math-oriented apps?

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10 Top Educational Apps for Students - Getting Smart

Posted: (2 days ago) Finding apps to download is easy. Finding educational apps that are actually functional, fun and free is a different story. Here are ten free educational apps currently available (with at least a total of four out of five stars) for students in preschool through high school:

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10 Apps to Help Students Study Better and Learn Faster ...

Posted: (4 days ago) These apps are all alike in the sense that they harness educational tools and simplify them to the point where students and teachers alike can learn quicker and easier. The app contents include dictionaries and thesauruses, bibliographies, foreign language learning games, and even software that analyzes and edits your handwriting!

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How Smartphones Can Make Smart Students

Posted: (3 days ago) Collaborative Apps. For class-wide collaboration, apps like Poll Everywhere and VoxVote are excellent for facilitating class discussions or conducting short, formative assessments. Essentially these apps let the teacher create a polling suite online, and the students can use their smartphones to participate in whatever polling activity that the ...

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6 Apps That Can Help with Student Assessment

Posted: (2 days ago) Having her work in apps on her tablet is a wonderful way to keep her engaged in learning without crossing her rigid personal boundaries. Right now she’s working on communication skills with Henri le Worm , and when our lessons together get overwhelming, she lets me know she needs a break with the Calm Counter .

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