How Is Coronavirus Impacting The Retail Industry

Here’s an update on how the retail industry and consumers are responding. Ecommerce orders continue to rise in April. New data from IMRG (reported by Internet Retailing) states that UK online retail sales rose by 22% in the first week of April compared to the same time last year.This is marginally down on the previous week, where sales had risen 23.7% year on year.

Posted: Monday Nov 23, 2020

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apps – Econsultancy

Posted: (6 months ago) apps. Blog Digital Transformation. The week in digital transformation: renaming DT, apps & cloud security. Welcome to The Week in Digital Transformation, our regular look back at the most noteworthy ideas, analysis, and news from the world of digital transformation over the past week.

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A list of 10 retail mobile apps that customers love ...

Posted: (4 days ago) Both apps allow users to get refills and make orders to collect, as well as look at deals in store. These quick added functionalities instantly show their value and are popular with customers. The refill feature in particular is a brilliant example of how regular customers, or customers that just might prove regular, can have their experience ...

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Mobile apps in retail: who needs them? – Econsultancy

Posted: (8 days ago) Retail apps are often for customer retention and used by regular customers, therefore there’s likely to be a great range in usage, from people who download once and don’t stick, to those who use apps everyday. Of course, the apps listed above all do different things and this impacts usage. Some are straight ecommerce apps, some are for ...

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Digital Shift Q1 2020 Chapter 4 – The rise of ‘super apps’

Posted: (18 days ago) Digital Shift Q1 2020 Chapter 4 – The rise of ‘super apps’ Shift explores the impact of horizontal innovation as rapidly growing apps like Uber pivot into an increasing number of new markets from freight to finance.

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Why apps are a key part of mobile strategy for charities ...

Posted: (8 days ago) Apps are another area that remain largely underused, with just 25% of charities accepting donations via their mobile apps. Of course, fundraising is just one benefit, alongside the potential for increased awareness, engagement, and advocacy. So, why exactly should charities consider investing in apps, and what does a successful one look like?

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App marketing: competitor and target audience analysis ...

Posted: (4 days ago) There are a huge number of apps out there. The market leaders, Apple and Android, have nearly 800,000 in their individual app stores. The Windows Phone Store now has over 150,000 and BlackBerry announced 70,000 apps at the Blackberry 10 launch in January.

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The five most interesting mobile loyalty apps – Econsultancy

Posted: (9 days ago) When a good idea comes along in retail and digital there are soon many, many start-ups getting in on the action. Take loyalty apps for example. Loyalty is a big beast. Many types of company may consider it part of their remit, from digital payment solutions, to social-style check-ins, to group buying sites, or indeed a retailer’s own app. I’ve previously looked at the state of apps in ...

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